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How To Make Perfect Thumbnail For YouTube
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Guide To Making YouTube Thumbnails That Will Be Clicked
Thumbnails are the most important aspect of any video's release, other than the content itself. Seriously. This is because thumbnails, in combination with titles, are often the biggest deciding factor in whether or not a person will click to watch a video.
The Three Principles
The three guiding principles Frederator uses for making clickable thumbnails are:

  1. Our thumbnails accurately portray the content in the video.
  2. Our thumbnails get our audience excited about watching the video.
  3. Our thumbnails draw the attention of our audience.
How it works
Use close ups on faces, preferably making eye contact
Show strong emotions
Use bright backgrounds
Use contrast and outlines
Usage of text
Bugs and branding
Design for the small screen
Choosing colors
Easy to see and understand
Analyze your competition
Test, Experiment, Analyze, and Repeat
As a result we really want to know how our thumbnails are performing. Unfortunately, there is no thumbnail analytics data available through YouTube analytics. However, there's a secret method that we use to find out how your thumbnails perform.

If you do not want to use AdWords, you can also look at your Views Per Unique and Views From Subscribers as indicators of how clickable your templates and thumbnails are. This metric is muddied by a lot of factors, such as your title, programming, and YouTube's algorithm, but it can give you a general picture of how your thumbnails are doing.
The Exceptions To The Rules
There are many content types that do not conform to all of these tactics
(however, they do all conform to the principles).
Some Examles
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