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Welcome New Partner
Soon our manager will contact you to sign the contract.
Welcome New Partner
Soon our manager will contact you to sign the contract.
Welcome New Partner
Soon our manager will contact you to sign the contract.

Questions & Answers

Why us?
We are a team with many years of experience in the gaming segment of YouTube.
What is your goal?
To help talented people properly start and promote their Youtube channel and getting genuine results in a short time.
What is your job?
We are engaged in the full promotion and management of your channel on Youtube.
You are affiliate program?
We are not affiliate program (MCN), we are managers of YouTube channels in the gaming segment.
Do you take any streamers?
If you are talented and have good potential, we will be glad to cooperate with you.
How to start cooperation?
Simple, leave an application on the site, and our manager will contact you.
Our clients love us
Pavel Beltiukov
Hearthstone World Champion 2016
These guys really facilitated the work on the production of my game content on YouTube. The channel is well calculated and it develops greatly. Thank you.
Wild Hearthstone Pro Player and Streamer
Great job, guys. Thank you.
Petar Stevanovic
Hearthstone Pro Player and Streamer
Good job. Since the first week of work, videos on my channel have begun to gain more views. I like these guys. I recommend them.
Who we are
The creative people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Andrey Rud
Founder & Strategic
Roman Shumeyko
Production & Creative
Roman Miroshnik
SEO & Optimization
YTMakers Bots
Routine Work
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Discord: ytmakers#2091
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